Scholarships and Financial Aid

Scholarships for ESYO programs are awarded based on the income information you provide when you register for one of our programs. (Go to the “Programs” tab in the main menu to see what programs we offer and register for the fall!) We have scholarships for program fees, instrument rentals, and private lessons for ESYO students. We want everyone to be able to play, and we highly encourage everyone to fill out the financial aid section of their registration in case they qualify!

Application for Program Fees, Private Lessons, or Summer Instrument Rental Scholarships
This form is ONLY for those who did not apply for a scholarship when filling out their registration. Your student must be registered in an ESYO program in order to apply. ESYO confidential Scholarship and Financial Aid Form.

Private Lesson Scholarships
Private lesson scholarships are awarded based on the financial aid section of your registration for an ESYO program. If you are awarded a private lesson scholarship, you will be notified by email. For a basic overview of how private lesson scholarships work, see the “PLS Overview for Parents” link below.

Quick links for Private Lesson Scholarship holders:

If you have any questions about financial aid, we’re happy to help–call us at (541) 484-0473 or email us at for assistance.