Scholarships and Financial Aid

Scholarships are based on income, and anyone can apply. We have scholarships for program fees, instrument rentals, and private lessons for ESYO students. We want everyone to be able to play! Fill out the financial aid portion of your registration if you are registering for an orchestra this fall. If you are a current student and want to apply for summer rental or private lesson scholarships over the summer, see below.

Summer Instrument Rentals (available for current ESYO students only): Click here to fill out a form to keep your instrument over the summer. For just $50, your child can keep their instrument and keep playing all summer! (June 15 -Sept 15).

Click here to apply for a 2022 summer instrument rental scholarship or a 2022 summer private lesson scholarship.

Private Lesson Scholarship Procedures: If you are awarded a private lesson scholarship, you will be notified about the procedure for submitting the following forms. One will be filled out and sent by the family, and one by the teacher. Once we receive both forms, and they match, ESYO pays the teacher directly. Forms are due by the 10th of each month:

**To REGISTER for an ORCHESTRA or CLASS, please go to the corresponding orchestra page under the PROGRAMS tab **

Application for Program Fees, Private Lessons, or Summer Instrument Rental Scholarships
This form is ONLY for those who did not apply for a scholarship when filling out their registration. Your student must be registered in an ESYO program in order to apply. ESYO confidential Scholarship and Financial Aid Form

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