Voices of the Great Violins

World-renowned violinist, Mr. James Ehnes gave ESYO students a rare glimpse into the musicianship of a truly gifted artist, performing on some of the finest instruments in the world. Students who played for him in his master class were rewarded with exactly that – advice from a true master. It was immediately clear why he is the most sought-after violinist performing today – averaging 115 concerts per year, all over the globe. Ehnes is simply brilliant, and his performance took our breath away.

It is hard to express our gratitude to Mr. David Fulton for bringing us this phenomenal experience. Mr. Fulton is an alumnus of ESYO and a preeminent collector and caretaker of many of the greatest violins in the world. His love and appreciation of Stradivaris, Guarneris and del Gesùs came through in his wonderful stories, and his deep appreciation of their history and the makers who created them. His experience in our youth orchestras, some 60 years ago, “changed his life.” He wanted to give something back to the youth musicians of today, but we never imagined it could be something like this.

 James Ehnes’ generosity of spirit and astonishing performance will not easily be forgotten. Dave Fulton’s benevolence and devotion to the violin is an example for life. Their passion for the power of music has left its mark on all of us.

Voices of the Great Violins PROGRAM